West Highland Terrier Mug Ceramic Coffee Cup

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This interesting ceramic coffee mug will be a real hit with Westie owners. It features a unique design that’s innovative and amusing. A West Highland White Terrier is skillfully hand painted on the side, aligned with a sculpted head that extends out from the rim of the cup. This creates a 3-D effect that makes the dog appear to pop off the mug. That’s not all – the head serves as the handle. With your thumb over the top of the dog’s head and your palm below, it forms a surprisingly comfortable and stable grip.

The mug is about 3.75” in height, flared slightly at the rim and cast of high-quality ceramic. The breed name is also hand painted on the side. The surface of the ceramic is completely sealed with high-gloss, non-toxic glaze, so it’s safe for both the microwave and dishwasher. It’s a great gift for any collector or dog lover.

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