Tabby Cat Wall Figurine Hooks

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Many cat lovers like to accent their homes with a bit of cat-themed decor. Not only will these decorative cat head figurines will add some “feline flare” but they can also serve as functional wall hooks that can be used to hold a variety of household items.

Use them to by the door to hold keys or a jacket. In the kitchen, they can be used to hang a dish towel or apron. In the bathroom, the feline friends can hold a towel or bathrobe.

With their cute feline faces, it easy to overlook the functionality they provide. They are crafted with great detail, including their large eyes, peaked ears and button noses.

The 5.25-inch long hooks are easy to install. Simply slide the slotted metal backing plate on the reserve side over a screw or nail that it anchored into the wall. Select your choice of either orange or gray.