Small Dog Food Water Dog Bone Bowl

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Why settle for drab and boring dog bowls when you can treat your pooch to bowls that are bright and cheery? Give your dog dinnerware that matches his/her upbeat personality. This collection of colorful stoneware bowls is specifically designed for small or toy dog breeds. The bowls come in eye-catching color combinations that will spice up any doggy dinner area. In addition, each bowl features a contrasting color dog bone embellishment. For extra detail, the outline of the dog bone is recessed.

The bowls are designed especially for smaller appetites and can be used for food or water. The handcrafted, stoneware ceramic bowls, made in compliance with FDA regulations for food safety, measure approximately 5 inches in diameter and holds approximately 2 cups of your pooch’s favorite food or water. Make mealtime fun with a festive, colorful bowl. Choose either aqua with a lime bone or orange with a yellow bone.