Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger Cat Mat

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Sometimes the simple solutions are the best. The problem: cats gotta’ scratch. The solution: give them something to scratch that they’ll want to go back to again and again.

This ingeniously simple doorknob hanger gives your cat a purr-fectly natural scratching mat with a surface of sisal fiber. The fiber lets kitty’s claws get a firm grip, but gives enough to release easily. What’s more, when your cat scratches, it releases the magical aroma of the enclosed Zoom Around the Room® high –potency organic catnip. Your cat will keep coming back for more. There’s also a detachable feather dangle that helps to hold your cat’s interest. Unlike a scratching post, this 17″ x 6″ mat doesn’t take up any floor space. Simply hang it on any convenient doorknob. The scratch mat is a bright addition to a room and helps protect your walls and furniture. It’s healthy and fun for your cat and a good investment for you.

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