Scottish Terrier Wallet Dog Breed Pocketbook

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Three Scotties in a woodland setting make a wonderful cover for this elegant and practical wallet. It’s a gift any dog lover will treasure, and a great organizer for those items needed at the checkout. Scottish Terrier owners will appreciate the lifelike quality and accurate depiction of this trio. It’s the creation of well-known pet artist Ruth Maystead, and a fine example of why her artwork has pleased animal lovers for over 30 years.

Whether you own Scotties or not, you’ll enjoy the convenience this wallet provides. There are several slots for your credit cards and ID inside, along with a checkbook slot and lots of room for change and currency. There’s an outside pocket on the back, with a simple slot opening, for those items you want easy access to. A magnetic clasp provides secure closure and easy opening. The 4.25 x 7.25 inch dog lover’s billfold is manufactured of polyester and pleather, for strength and stain resistance.

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