Saint Bernard Ceramic Mug

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Pay tribute to your “Gentle Giant” while you have your morning coffee with this uniquely and ingeniously designed ceramic mug. It’s a collectible ceramic piece, a functional coffee mug and a great way to show your love of the breed. The quality-crafted cup features a hand painted replica of a St. Bernard detailed in a most novel way. From the hand-painted profile likeness of the body, a sculpted, 3-D head extends from the cup, creating an illusion that makes the figure seem to pop out from the cup.

The head also serves as a unique handle, allowing you to hold the cup with your palm wrapped underneath the head and your thumb hooked over it. It’s a startlingly comfortable and effortless grip. Because it’s completely glazed, the mug is safe for hot and cold drinks, and can be safely placed in the microwave or dishwasher, too. The ceramic mug stands 3.75 inches tall and features the ”St. Bernard” name on the back.

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