Puppy Dog Leather Coin Purse Mini Clutch

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This bright-eyed dog is actually a functional wristlet. It is small enough to serve as a coin purse to be kept in your handbag or in the console of your car. However, it is also large enough to serve as a mini clutch purse, with room to store your driver license, credit cards and cash. The dog’s head conceals the zippered storage compartment. Simply raise the dog’s head, which is kept in place by a snap closure, to reveal the metal zipper that is underneath.

The hand-painted leather case features the face of a long-eared dog, complete with a panting, red tongue. The pieces are hand sewn together. Metal rivets are also used for extra durability. A split metal ring, which could serve as a key ring, is attached to the top. In addition, the wristlet has a detachable leather carrying strap. The adorable dog lover’s wristlet measures approximately 4 x 4 inches.

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