Pug Kitchen Ceramic Tile Trivet

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Nothing says “I love my pooch” like a great piece of doggie home decor. This beautiful ceramic tile trivet will add some sparkle to any Pug lover’s dining table, wall or counter. Protect your table from those hot pots and pans with the ceramic trivet and in between meals, it doubles as an attractive piece of art. The fiberboard back includes a hanging slot for wall display and also features a swing-out “leg” to allow you to stand it on a countertop or shelf. The back also helps to protect your table’s finish when dining.

The 6” x 6” tile is hand painted with a unique Pug portrait. The painting is created in high-quality glazes that are then fired right into the ceramic clay. The bright colors will stay bright throughout years of use. This makes a terrific gift for any Pug lover and a wonderful addition to any kitchen, dining room or curio collection.

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