Proud Cat Handmade Metal Wind Chime

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This handmade wind chime features a cat in a prancing pose. The cat, measuring approximately 4.25 x 5.25 inches, is fashioned from hand-cut and hammered metal. Attached below the cat is a string of beads, of various shapes and colors, leading to a metal bell. The durable cord above the cat is also embellished with colored beads.

Each piece is crafted by artisans in India, giving each one unique character. The antiqued patina finish of the metal will be enhanced as the piece ages. As a result of their individualized nature, each one may vary slightly from the piece shown.

Hang it in your garden or from a porch or tree and let the charming sound of the metal chime ring out as it gently sways in the breeze. The overall length is approximately 14.5 inches.

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