My Beloved Pet Memorial Marker

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When a beloved pet passes, he/she is never truly gone because the fond memories continue to live on.

This memorial marker captures that sentiment of how you feel about your beloved dog or cat. The rustic-looking marker features the following poignant inscription:


My Beloved Pet
Your faithful love will remain
in my heart forever

The lettering is recessed and painted black for greater readability. In addition to the sentimental text, the marker is decorated with an engraved peaceful-sky image featuring a tree, clouds and the sun.

The resin memorial has the look, feel and weight of rough-cut stone. The durable marker features uneven surfaces, segmented layering and jagged edges, giving it the appearance of a natural slate stone. The marker features a hole, reinforced by a slotted-metal mounting plate, on the back, allowing the marker to be easily hung on a post or wall. The remembrance marker measures approximately 10.5 x 8 inches.

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