Kitty Cat Laser Pointer Toy

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Even the most laid-back kitty will sit up and take notice when you shine the beam of this laser cat toy at the floor or walls. You’ll have hours of fun watching your cat go crazy trying to catch that little red dot. Don’t tell Fluffy, but it’s good exercise for your cat, too! The colorful little cat figurine looks innocent enough with its cute little tabby stripes and wide eyes, but one touch of the switch and the laser embedded in his little nose actives. The low power, high intensity beam projects a concentrated spot of bright light strong enough to get your cat’s attention, even from another room.

If you haven’t seen the fascinated frenzy of a cat chasing a laser dot, purchase this little gem and get ready for a real treat. Cats will leap, pounce, spin, slide, and literally bounce off the walls in an attempt to capture that elusive little dot. The colorful cat toy comes complete with batteries, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

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