German Shepherd Mug Ceramic Coffee Cup

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Looking for an exceptional gift for a German Shepherd lover? This quality ceramic coffee mug may be just the thing, with its clever and unusual design.

The cup doesn’t have a conventional handle. Instead, a sculpted German Shepherd head protrudes from just below the rim of the cup. The head is positioned to provide lifting leverage by hooking your thumb over the head with your palm underneath. This provides a surprisingly comfortable grip.

A profile view of the dog’s body is hand painted on the side of the mug, so that it lines up naturally with the head. The overall effect is a 3-D dog that seems to extend out from the coffee cup. The side of the cup also labeled with the German Shepherd name in hand painted letters.

The approximately 3.75” tall, tapered mug features a slight flare at the rim. It’s sealed with gloss glaze, so it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

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