Four Dogs Black Doormat Rug

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This rug, framed in black with tan paw prints, features four distinctly-colored pups in black, white, tan, and brown. The neutral colors will agree with many decors, making it a versatile accessory as well as a unique one.

Durable enough to with stand the elements, the rug can be used outdoors or inside. Use it as a placemat at your pet’s feeding area, a decorative accent rug or a welcoming doormat. Due to the bright, vibrant colors, it will surely get noticed.

The rug is manufactured using a patented special twisted-hook construction, which keeps the threads of the rug from picking and pulling. The durable rug is also fade-resistant and easy to clean. No scrub brushes or steam cleaners needed for it is washing-machine safe.

The long-lasting mat is environmentally-friendly. It is constructed using 35% recycled material. The echo-friendly dog rug measures a convenient 21 x 33 inches.

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