Dog Cat Memorial Keepsake Box

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Whether your pet is young or old, a pet keepsake box is an excellent way of preserving precious memories. If you have a puppy or kitten, use it as a photo album box to store snapshots of special events as your pet grows and matures. If your pet is elderly, use the box as repository for cherished items and photos that reflect on the time the two of you have shared.

The 10.13L x 6.5W x 7.75H inch box includes a paw print impression kit with everything you need to create and display your pet’s paw print. There is no mixing or baking. Simply roll out the material and press against your pet's paw. If the initial impression is not as desired, simply kneed the material and repeat. Once you have captured a suitable print, allow it to air dry.

Use the large display area on the front to showcase a favorite 4 x 6 photo and your pet's paw print impression. Beneath the hinged lid on top is a storage area, ideal for keeping photos and cherished pet items, such as a collar or favorite toy.

The elegant, mahogany-finished chest is suitable for display on an end table, mantle or shelf. Capture the special memories of your dog or cat in this handsome pet memorial box. The keepsake will be a lasting tribute to your pet.

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