Doberman Pinscher Ceramic Coffee Mug

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Start your day off with a cup of coffee from this unusual Doberman Pinscher mug. This unique Doberman lover coffee mug isn’t a typical cup in more than one way. It uses an interesting design that creates an optical illusion while also providing an unusual handle. The mug’s unique design features a sculpted head of a Doberman that is molded into the side. The head aligns with the hand painted body on the side of the mug to create the illusion of the dog walking right off the mug.

With the head serving as a unique handle, the design combines both form and function to this piece. With your thumb over the top of the head and your palm underneath, you’ll find you have a surprisingly comfortable and secure grip. Since the colorful glazes are fired right into the mug, the finish is bright, glossy and durable. The 3.75″ tall mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s an attractive, practical and a great addition to your curio shelf or kitchen counter.

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