Decorative Kitty Cat Wooden Doorstop

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Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for a cat lover, or looking for some cat-themed home décor for your own house, this beautiful cat doorstop may be just what you have been hunting for. Made in Thailand, this kitty cat doorstop is a wonderfully tasteful and decorative piece. This stunning doorstop has been hand carved from gorgeous Acacia wood, which leaves an attractive finish. The beautiful sitting cat image is bound to appeal to any feline-fan.

Not only does this doorstop make for an attractive piece of home décor, but it also works wonderfully in its intended purpose. The tapered edge will slide under any door to ensure that it remains open. In any room of the house, this attractive wooden Doorstop will serve as a great functional item with the added benefit of its aesthetic appeal. The decorative cat doorstop, measuring 8 inches long by 6 inches tall, could make the perfect addition to your home, or the home of a cat lover in your life.

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