Cool Cat Musician Wine Bottle Holder

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Jazz up your dinner parties with this “cool cat.” Not only will his unique design charm your guests but he also has a functional purpose. The cat serves a decorative wine bottle holder. To get the party started, simply slide a wine bottle into the cylindrical body portion. Then, place the cat’s head, complete with wire whiskers and a comical expression, atop the bottle. So the head will not be lost or misplaced, it is attached to the lower portion with a decorative metal chain. The hip cat, with a distinct flair for livening up the scene, is seated behind a keyboard. The microphone stand before him is shaped like a musical clef note symbol.

The holder is formed from various pieces of metal that are all cut and bent to create this novel design. It can accommodate a regular sized bottle. (Bottle not included.) It stands approximately 12.5 inches tall.

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