Cold Nose Warm Heart Dog Frame

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Showcase a favorite photo of your beloved canine in this tabletop frame. With its block-base design and silver-tone embellishments, the frame will surely draw extra attention to your dog’s picture. The frame is embellished with a doghouse accent, featuring a paw print cutout. Next to the doghouse is the word “Woof” featured in bold lettering. The accents are embedded into the base of the frame just in front of the picture window, providing a 3D effect.

The tender description of your canine pal – “cold nose, warm heart” – is written across the frame’s base. The contrasting color of the text stands out against the black base. Easily and conveniently display a picture of your best friend. Simply insert a 4×6 inch photo of your best friend into the rigid Plexiglas sleeve. The plastic sleeve helps to protect your photo. Display it on any desk, tabletop or shelf. With the frame’s heavyweight base, it can also dual as a paperweight.

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