Ceramic Tile Art Kitchen Trivet

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Use this clever cat lover’s trivet to protect your dining table from hot pans or serving dishes. When it’s not in use, display it in any room. It’s a decorative accent that’s sure to get attention and a useful item for your home. The fanciful design is from renowned artist Laura Seeley’s On Safari series. It depicts a dapper cat, covered in photos and sporting a bright polka-dot bowtie. The lighthearted character is hand painted on fine ceramic tile and then fired to a hard, permanent finish. The brilliant glaze colors won’t fade over time.

The back is covered in fiberboard and features a slot for easy wall hanging. There’s also a “leg” that swings out to stand the tile on flat surfaces like a desk or table top. On the counter, wall or at mealtime, this 8 x 8 inch ceramic trivet is a fantastic addition to any cat lover’s home.

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