Cat Owner Tips Tricks

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Cat Tips & Tricks For Cat Owners provides information and insight into all aspects of being a cat owner. It offers invaluable advise on various stages of cat ownership, from the time you choose to adopt a cat or kitten until the time your feline companion passes away.

The book focuses on a variety of topics to make cat ownership fun and rewarding. Topics included in the book are:

  • How to acclimate your cat to a new environment.
  • How to teach your cat good behavior and break bad habits.
  • How to acclimate your cat to children and dogs.
  • Addressing health issues including diet, first aid and medical care.
  • How to better understand your cat’s moods and behavior.

The authors, Herta Puttner, D.V.M and Eva Rohrer, present commonsense tips on cat training and care. Some of the tips include:

  • How to keep litter and cat in the litter box.
  • What are benefits of your cat eating grass.
  • How to protect your houseplants from your cat and your cat from your houseplants.

The helpful cat tips and tricks book makes a great gift for cat owners or anyone contemplating adopting a cat. Make the most of your relationship with your cat by having a better understanding of cat behavior.

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