Cat Lover Lawn Garden Stone

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This marker displays the sentiments of a true cat lover. The text, engraved in the marker and painted with a dark color for prominence, reads “time spent with your cat is never wasted.” The handsome marker is embellished with a whimsical design featuring a golden-yellow napping cat, accented with a white chest and paws. Above the cat are two blue-winged, yellow-bellied birds. The cat and birds are shown in relief, raised above the stone’s surface.

The durable marker is made from resin. However, it has the look, feel and weight of real stone. The marker has a rough-hewn look. With the jagged edges and uneven surfaces, it has the look of natural sandstone. The beautiful cat lover garden marker can also be easily hung indoors. It has a hole on the back that is reinforced with a slotted metal mounting plate. The decorative lawn marker measures approximately 10 x 8 inches.

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