Cat Lover ID Luggage Tags

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Why settle for marking your luggage or laptop with those cheap, elastic and cardboard tags? This classy cat lover’s luggage tag is much more fun and fashionable.

The chic black ID tag attaches to the handle of your bag, backpack, briefcase, etc. with a strap and sliver-toned buckle. Dangling from the strap is a tag holder that measures 4.25 x 2.5 inches. It accommodates a business card easily, and the clear plastic window on one side lets your contact information show through. On the other side is a stitched-on appliqué depicting a cool, contemporary cat, complete with shades. The layered design with contrasting stitching sort of “pops” from the background.

If that isn’t enough reason to use this luggage tag, how’s about keeping the skin on a cow? Although it looks and feels like real leather, the tag and strap are manufactured using a clever imitation. Your friends won’t know the difference, and the cows will be “moo-st” appreciative.

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