Boston Terrier Dog Breed Pillow

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Artist Robert McClintock created the wonderful Boston Terrier image pictured on this pillow. He truly captured the essence of the breed. Look how his square shaped head appears flat on the top, and how his perfectly cropped ears appear to be listening for something or someone. With his stubby black nose and square-shaped wrinkled muzzle, a true Boston Terrier is pictured here. The soulful puppy eyes are hard to turn away from.

Coordinate the Boston Terrier pillow with many colors. Black and white primary colors of the Boston Terrier featured in this image blend well with the gray-colored base of the throw pillow. An awesome contrast is created with the red brick wall pictured behind the pooch. These splendid colors will agree with many established color patterns.

Images printed on the 18 x 18 inch home d├ęcor pillow were done so with special long-lasting inks to reduce the likelihood of fading and dulling colors. Made to last, the Boston Terrier pillow will be enjoyed for many, many years.

The image is featured on the 100% polyester front side of the pillow. The solid-color reverse side is made of 100% cotton. The made in the USA pillow is filled with 100% polyester fiber of recycled materials. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

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