Bichon Frise Dog Breed Pillow

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An adorable and irresistible image of a Bichon Frise is featured on this pillow. The Bichon is depicted sitting, as if it was patiently waiting to greet someone.

The image printed on this pillow was created by artist Robert McClintock. He captured the attributes of the popular Bichon breed. The dark round eyes are so vibrant and lifelike. Remarkably detailed, the curly coat appears to be soft to the touch. A happy temperament is a known quality of the Bichon Frise, and that quality is captured in this masterpiece as evidenced in the smile on the pup’s rounded face.

Placing the snow white coat of the Bichon Frise against the dark red brick background is an excellent contrast, making this pillow the perfect support for many color schemes. This pillow is sure to attract attention and start a conversation. It measures 18 x 18 inches, making it a perfect fit for anywhere a pillow is desired.

The creators of this American made pillow had the customer in mind when creating it. Printed with special long-lasting inks to prevent fading, the image pictured on this pillow will last. It will remain a brilliant and vibrantly colored accessory for many years.

The image is featured on the 100% polyester front side of the pillow. The solid-color reverse side is made of 100% cotton. The made in the USA pillow is filled with 100% polyester fiber of recycled materials. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

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