Astrology for Cats by Joyce Jillson

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Have you ever wondered if the ever-changing universe affects your feline friend’s life as it does yours? According to the late Joyce Jillson, it does and here’s her complete guide to understanding the metaphysical side of your cat. This book by the renowned Hollywood astrologer provides incredible insights into living with cats, and understanding their needs, to make you a better pet owner. Tap into the expertise of an astrology expert who’s following included readers of some two hundred newspapers and watchers of several television programs. The book provides information on everything from determining your cat’s birth date and consequently his/her sun sign to the astrological causes of erratic or unusual behavior. You’ll find complete descriptions of all 12 Zodiac signs as they apply to cats and their idiosyncrasies, moods and even their amorous tendencies. Even if you’re not a believer in pet astrology, you’ll find this an entertaining read and if you’re in the market for a cat lover’s gift, this unusual book is sure to be a hit.

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