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One of the more popular gifts you can give your dog is clothing. Fancy duds aren’t just for dressing up your pooch. They can help your pet feel more comfortable, especially outside during the colder months. So, a sweater or coat chosen for your dog’s comfort that also expresses your sense of style is a functional dog gift, as well as a fashionable one.

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Dog Basketball Hooded Sweatshirt

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Dog Bride Wedding Dress

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Dog Football Hooded Sweatshirt

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Dog Tuxedo Formal Bow Tie Collar Bib

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Dog Tuxedo Formal Sequin Vest Collar

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Dog Tuxedo Wedding Groom Costume

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Fashion Dog Tee Shirts

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Fleece Dog Coats - Bone Jacket with Scarf

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K-9 Baseball Dog Jacket

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Nordic Winter Dog Sweater Scarf Set

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Paw Print Fleece Dog Coat

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Poochie Pearls - Fashion Dog Necklaces


Ruched Satin Fashion Winter Dog Coat

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Dog Clothing for Comfort and Protection

Choose appropriate apparel for the weather conditions and occasion. Just as you have different clothes for different weather and activities, so should your dog. Naturally, winter coats and parkas are better suited for walks on cold, snowy days. Likewise, T-shirts and light sweaters are more appropriate for strolls on warmer days and for indoor lounging. If you’re looking for an item primarily to keep your pet dry and more comfortable while out and about on wet days, choose clothing made of water-resistant materials. You can even choose clothing for your dog that reflects light, ensuring that passing traffic can see you, making those nighttime walks safer for you and your pet.

Dog Apparel for Fun and Fashion

Don’t overlook the fun side of doggie fashion. Clothes are a great way to express your dog’s personality. You can choose from clothing designed to dress up your dog for Halloween, or just for fun, to everyday clothing that makes a statement about your sense of style. Clothing can also be used to pamper your pooch, such as with a special robe for those after-bath leisure moments.

Choose the Right Dog Clothes

Whether the garment is for fun or function, its proper fit is important for comfort. Clothes should not be so tight as to restrict movement or too loose to create a hazard while walking. In addition to your dog’s measurements, take into account your dog’s body shape. Consider whether your dog is heavier than average, has a thick coat, or is wider through the chest to ensure a proper fit.

Most dog clothing is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate dogs of various statures. However, that doesn’t mean that every item is appropriate for every dog. Consider your dog’s temperament and common behaviors when choosing clothing. While frills and feathers may be cute, a very active dog or one with a rambunctious personality might decide that such features are best as chew toys, making such clothing a poor choice.

Also consider the size and breed of your dog when shopping. Clothing with items like a scarf hanging in front might pose no problem for a large breed, but may prove to be a tripping hazard and a challenge for a Dachshund’s short legs. You know your dog’s personality and habits better than anyone, so be sure to factor that into a clothing choice.

Dog clothing styles are virtually endless. They range from coats and jackets to shirts and vests. They are made from a variety of materials including denim, lightweight cotton knits, fleece, wool and faux fur. With such a wide selection, you are sure to find the perfect outfit for your best friend.

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