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Bowls and dishes do more than provide food and water for your cat. They also reflect your sense of style and enhance your home’s décor. So, say goodbye to plain, cheap-looking bowls and choose aesthetically-appealing food and water dishes that will make your cat’s mealtime special. There are many designs from which to choose. So, whether your cat is a delicate and finicky eater or one with an appetite that says “Get out of my way. Dinner!” there is a bowl “purr-fectly” suited for your feline friend.

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Selecting The Right Cat Dish

Choosing a dish that’s the right size isn’t difficult. You simply need to consider the age, size and temperament of your cat. A tiny bowl is perfect for a kitten. Choose a bowl that’s too large, and your kitten might step right in at dinnertime to make eating easier. A larger cat, obviously, needs a larger bowl.

The depth of the bowl is also important. Take into account the breed of your cat and the shape of its face. Pug-nosed breeds, or those with flat faces, may need a shallow dish to avoid covering their faces with food each time they eat. Long-hair cats, like Himalayans, will also appreciate a shallow bowl to help keep their longer fur clean. Deeper bowls may be more appropriate for messy eaters.

Whether the bowl is shallow or deep, be sure to choose one that holds enough to satisfy your pet while not being too large as to encourage overfeeding. If you choose dishes that aren’t the right size, you’ll find yourself all too often refilling the water or having to throw away food that’s gone stale and has become unappetizing to your pet.

Your Cat’s Eating Habits

Be sure and consider the manner in which your cat eats when choosing a food bowl. If your kitty is an aristocratic Persian that has table manners to rival royalty, then you have a wider variety of bowls from which to choose. However, for cats with a robust appetite that attack their dinner, lightweight or unstable bowls might be a problem. Bowls made of heavier materials like ceramic, or bowls with stands, will help prevent spills and can keep your cat from having to chase his/her food around as he/she eats.

Various Cat Bowl Styles

You can find a variety of bowls designed to fit any décor, whether it’s country, contemporary, or something in between. Go for a touch of whimsy, advertise your cat’s personality, or choose something chiefly for function over fashion. Select individual bowls with a coordinated look or feeder sets that present an organized appearance.

As a cat owner, you must have food and water dishes to care for your feline friend. So why not choose your favorites and let a necessity of pet care do double-duty as a pleasing home accent that you’ll love for years to come? Your cat probably won’t care if the bowls are ceramic or stainless steel as long as you fill them with his/her favorite food. However, you will appreciate the design you’ve chosen each time you feed your pet.

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